#36 in which Letras is introduced and Marigny ponders on the meaning of things

'What's in the crates?'



'Indeed. A translator is what I am. I sail the seas and travel the continent spreading languages and shipping cultures all over the world. This box here, for example, contains all that must be said, and more. And this one here, is filled to the brim with all that must be silenced.'

'I thought translators translated.'

'It's a common misconception. You probably think justices do justice, too. The concept itself is misleading. What are sellswords to you? Certainly not merchants, are they.'

'Fine. What about that crate over there?'

'Ah, that one. That one is heavy with all that is said and ignored.'

'Prayers, mostly.'

'Oh no. Those go over there.'


'To the sea. Where belongs all nonsense.'

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